In The Shadow Of An Elephant

In The Shadow Of An Elephant

In The Shadow Of An Elephant

released on 1st April 2019

by Little Pink Dog Books

About In The Shadow Of An Elephant

In The Shadow Of An Elephant explores the bond between an orphaned elephant and a young African boy. Its powerful illustrations compliment the strong story telling that sensitively addresses poaching, friendship, loss, trust and life coming full circle.

One terrible night the ground rumbled, and dark shapes appeared in the distance. A cracking sound tore through the air, Lualani’s life was changed forever.

‘Don’t be afraid. ‘I will look after you.’ Jabari reached out his hand.

A life-long friendship set on the edges of the African Savanna.

A thought-provoking story filled with content that will generate a variety of discussions both at home and in the classroom.

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Publisher Information

Title: In The Shadow Of An Elephant

Author: Georgie Donaghey

Illustrator: Sandra Severgnini

ISBN: 978-0-6482563-1-1

Publication date: 1st April 2019

Genre: Children's

Target Age Range: 4-10 Years

RRP: $24.95

Specification: Hardcover, 238mm x 238mm, 32 pages, 32 full colour illustrations

Publisher: Little Pink Dog Books

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