'In a pearl-like egg, hidden in the rainforest, Little Spiral grows.'

It was this magical beginning from Pat Simmons delicious new book, Little Spiral that dragged me from my book review hiatus.

Nature can be one of the harshest environments to navigate. Little Spiral must not only survive his early day's but must also learn to thrive and continue life's cycle.

'Steadily growing, exploring the rainforest. Slowly. Secretly.'

We follow Little Spirals sparkling trails across the pages to an encounter with a hungry rat. 

'Stay safe Little Spiral.'

Not even a meeting with a curious lizard sunning himself can deter Little Spiral from his journey.

Patrick Shrivington's eye-catching earthy tones compliment Little Spirals environment. There are treasures to be found on every page.

You can learn more about Pat Simmons and her gorgeous books through her website. www.patsimmonswriter.com.au

Happy reading!