In Sue Whiting's new picture book, Beware the Deep Dark Forest published by Walker Books we are introduced to spunky young Rosie. Rosie like her dog, Tinky are two very independent and determined personalities.

The story begins.

‚Äč'You must beware the deep, dark forest,' Rosie told Tinky.
'Never, ever go in there.'
But Tinky was just a tiny pup.
He didn't understand.
So Tinky went.

And so begins Rosie's quest.

Rosie is warned by her Grandma about the Carnivorous plants. 'There are venomous snakes.' Cautions her father.

Undeterred Rosie sets off to rescue Tinky.

There are many obstacles to overcome in the dark forest from a wolf with fangs like daggers to a deep ravine. But worst of all, a hungry troll but still Rosie is brave, apart from the occasional wobbly knees.

Her hunt for Tinky takes Rosie along paths she never dreamed. Her quick thinking and cunningness reveal strengths she didn't know she possessed.

Annie White's illustrations are amazing! Rosie's expressions add another layer to this soon to be classic story. From the plaited vines to the bristly wolf and blades of grass to Rosie's gorgeous starry eyes.

A child's love is unconditional. Rosie's dedication to Tinky is resolute.

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